Nobels ODR-1 Green Overdrive Pedal


Nobels ODR-1 Green Overdrive Pedal Improved

New Features on this Model with the Same Great Tone!

NOBELS ODR-1 Natural Overdrive - Green. "The best overdrive on the market" states Jerry Donahue of the Hellecasters. Nashville studio guitarists rated the ODR-1 the best overdrive and players around the world had discovered the sounds from light grit to screaming crunch with a solid midrange and singing sustain in this rare guitar effect that now is available again.
With the Spectrum control the player can change deep-mid and treble frequencies creating a variety of tonal colors. The high impedance input (1m) and the low impedance output (2k) keeps the signal strong and clean without inducing noise or loading. Responsive to the guitar volume knob, the overdrive remains transparent, dynamic and touch sensitive, while the bypass signal remains uncolored.
On the pedal boards of heavyweight players and professional studio musicians around the world, the Nobels ODR-1 is the perfect tool for serious tone. The top-loaded battery compartment is appreciated in daily use while the remote control jack is a perfect feature for special professional setups.
The Nobels ODR-1 is a natural tube-amp style overdrive that is versatile and affordable.


Classic Overdrive with flexible Spectrum control
Perfect for crunchy Best Rock and Blues sounds and extra boost. The natural character of your guitar comes through!


Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive Features:
•Natural, Tube-Like Overdrive
•Spectrum Control
•High (1M) Input Impedance
•Remote Jack
•Standard -9vdc or Battery Operation

IMPROVED - New 4 foldout Integrated Mounting Plates
Toploading Battery Compartment
Protected Controls - due to housing design
Compact solid metal housing

Soft Switching (momentary switch instead of latched type)
Jack for Remote ON/OFF-switching by midi switchers or regular momentary switches
Big Stomp Area

LED indicator
Power Supply Jack (battery or adaptor operation possible)
9V and 12V-operation possible (12V gives increased headroom for sound units)
optional: 9V battery or power adaptor with 150mA (or more), negative tip

Type: pedal

Vendor: Nobels

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