ModTone MT-BX Bass Preamp/Compressor/DI Pedal


The ModTone Bass XL sports a trifecta of features designed for the bass guitarist all in one compact pedal. This great ModTone Bass pedal is perfect for live or studio environments, and the MT-BX Preamp / Compressor / DI delivers a warm tube-like tone with all the EQ control you need and a master blend to let you have total control over the sound your after. Wanna play without bothering anyone else? This awesome pedal as a separate headphone jack and a line in feature so you can plug in and play when ever you want.

•  True Bypass​
• 0dBu Nominal Output Level
• All Metal Chassis•
• High Quality Jacks
• High Impact Switch
• 4.8 x 3.5 x 1.8 inches
• 5 Year Warranty
• Red and Green Alert LEDs
•48v Phantom Powerable
•Compressor, Overdrive, EQ
•Line in for MP3 Player, Drum Machine, Laptop etc
•Separate HeadPhone Out
•1/4" Bypass - Thru to Amp or recording Device
•Ground Lift
•Blend Non Mixed Tone With Mixed Section


Type: pedal

Vendor: Modtone

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