Michael Kelly Right Handed 3D Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric

Michael Kelly

The sound of the Michael Kelly  3D is surprisingly throaty and resonant. A sonic profile that you can typically only find in a vintage acoustic guitar. The 3D can deliver this mature tone thanks to the special torrefaction process that Michael Kelly does to the 3D’s spruce top. This treatment technique accelerates the wood’s natural aging process through a combination of heat and special environmental controls. The result is mature wood that has the strength, density, and sonic characteristics of a 50-year-old vintage instrument. Get your hands on a 3D to hear and feel the benefits from the torrefied top.





Sound is the priority on the 3D which is why Michael Kelly augmented this instrument with an arched back. The back has been shaped for added projection and tone-tuning. This in combination with the torrefied top delivers a big and bold tone with great acoustic projection.



The sound port on the side of the 3D acts like a personal monitor. You will hear more of the details and dynamics of all that you play.




The active amplification system by Fishman® includes an onboard control for volume and one for tone. These are mounted inside of the soundhole for easy access, and this avoids the need to cut a hole in the side of your guitar, maximizing performance.




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