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G&L Left Handed ASAT Classic Solamente MFD Electric Guitar - 2 Tone Sunburst

G&L Guitars

  • Left Handed G&L ASAT Classic Solamente MFD Guitar


    2 tone sunburst

    CONSTRUCTION: bolt-on

    SCALE: 25 1/2"

    PICKUP: Leo Fender†-designed G&L MFD™ single coil

    BODY WOOD: Swamp Ash Premier Finish

    NECK WOOD: Hard-Rock Maple with Maple fingerboard

    NECK PROFILE: G&L Modern Classic with 9 1/2" radius

    NUT: 100% natural bone

    FRETS: 22 medium jumbo, Jescar 57110 18% nickel silver

    TUNING KEYS: 12:1 ratio, sealed-back

    BRIDGE: traditional boxed-steel bridge with individual brass saddles

    CONTROLS: 3-Way Tone selector, volume, tone

    CASE: deluxe G&L hardshell

    Upgraded Ash Body with Premier Finish


    Something special happens with a one-pickup guitar. The effect of less magnetic pull from the neck pickup seems to unlock bigger bolder bridge tones with more chime and sustain. G&L has taken their stellar ASAT Classic and created the ASAT Solamente, which means "only" in Spanish (such as in only one pickup). This model features G&L's stellar ASAT MFD bridge pickup and a 3-way tone circuit very much like the original Fender® Esquire.

      One pickup does not equate with cheap, just purposeful.To make the Solamente, G&L took the ASAT Classic (routed for the neck pickup just like most Esquires) omitted the neck pickup, and made the pickup selector a tone selector. Here is what the pickup switch does:

    Position 1 - High end roll-off with a thicker midrange for a darker overall sound. Tone control bypassed

    Position 2 - Normal volume and tone controls

    Position 3 - Volume only, tone control bypassed

    Compared to the traditional vintage-style Alnico pickup the MFD gives up a little twang and cluck, the trade offs are well worth it. What you'll be treated to is increased output, dynamic range and more midrange thickness. It's not just volume, it's fidelity, and the MFD bridge pickup is a eminently flexible pickup.  If you are a finger picker or like to "snap" the strings country-style you'll be rewarded with springy percussive tones that are very Nashville. However if you like rock out, the ASAT bridge pickup produces thick, harmonically rich crunch that is bristling with overtones and character. Thick like a P-90 but with less bark, and more articulate than a humbucker, it's a gem for roots, blues and classic rock. And the lack of pull from a neck pickup seems to unleash and extra dollop of mojo, sustain and shimmer.

    Made in the USA

  • Construction: Bolt-On
    Scale: 25 1/2"
    Pickups: Leo Fender-designed G&L MFD single coil in bridge position, Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbucker in neck position
    Body Wood: Swamp Ash with Premier Finish
    Neck Wood: Hard-Rock Maple with Rosewood fingerboard
    Neck Profile: G&L #1 with 12" radius and 1 5/8" nut-width
    Nut: 100% Bone Nut
    Frets: 22 medium jumbo, nickel, Plek dressed
    Tuning Keys: 12:1 ratio, sealed-back
    Bridge: traditional boxed-steel bridge with individual brass saddles
    Controls: 3-position pickup selector, volume, tone
    Case: G&L Hard Shell Case
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