FoxGear Bass Muffin Distortion / Fuzz Pedal


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Aggressive Fuzz Pedal Designed Specifically for Bass Guitar 

The Bass Muffin Bass Fuzz is an aggressive muff, developed especially for Bass guitar. With its blend option, the Bass Muffin will let you keep the bottom end clean. The blend control is not a simple mix, but are designed to keep two separate volume controls to have a better control of each part, clean and distorted, letting you find your sweet spot at any volume, even if boosting.

Like all of Foxgear’s  Professional Compact series pedals, the Foxgear Bass Muffin measures only 2.3” x 4.7” x 1.1”, and can easily fit any pedalboard. Constructed with completely screw-free housings, the Bass Muffin features an acrylic faceplate that lights up and glows warmly once connected to power, and comes with a limited 5 year warranty.


  • Power In 9 to 12VDC (negative TIP)
  • Consumption at 9V <100mA
  • Input Impedance <=1M Ohm
  • Output Impedance <=10K Ohm
  • Larghezza (Width) 60mm. (2,3”)
  • Lunghezza (Length) 120mm. (4,7”)
  • Altezza (Height) 30mm. (1,1”)
  • Peso (Weight) 0,2Kg. (0,4lbs)


  • FILTER: Set the EQ of distorted signal
  • GAIN: Set the amount of gain.
  • VOL: Set the Volume of the effect.

Powerful Yet Versatile Bass Fuzz Allows You to Dial in the Exact Right Amount of Killer Fuzz

The Foxgear Bass Muffin is a versatile fuzz/distortion pedal that was designed specifically for bass guitar. Featuring all analog true bypass circuitry, the bass muffin delivers buckets of luscious fuzz without muddying up the bottom end or filling your signal with unwanted noise. Simple to use controls allow you to dial in the exact right amount of distortion for your tone, blending clean and distorted tones until you find that sonic sweet spot.

Vendor: FoxGear