Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master Digital Delay and Reverb Pedal

Earthquaker Devices

Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master digital delay and reverb pedal is one of the most coveted Earthquaker Devices and continues to be the best selling device made in Akron, Ohio. This pedal delivers some truly unique tones that you need to hear in person to believe. Time, Repeats, Reverb, and Mix controls allow you have total control over your sound and you can use this as just Reverb, just Delay, or a mix of both. Includes the original box, manuals, and carry bag.

To use as a reverb only, turn the time control all the way down and adjust the reverb and mix controls to taste. In this mode, the repeats control can be used to enhance the thickness, decay, depth and overall nature of the reverb. With the reverb control at its maximum setting, the repeats control will gradually overload the effect at higher settings.

To use as a delay only, turn the reverb control all the way down and adjust the time, repeats and mix controls to your liking.

To use both effects in unison, adjust all controls to your liking.

Type: pedal

Vendor: Earthquaker Devices

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