EarthQuaker Devices Cloven Hoof Fuzz Grinder Pedal

If you love the Hoof, meet the Evil-twin the Cloven Hoof. The Cloven Hoof keeps the tightness and clarity you know with that great fuzz tone loved by many and changed just about everything else.  The Cloven Hoof has a set of four specially selected Silicon transistors for cleaner cleans, higher gain, improved temperature stability, and a grittier, grindier, nastier fuzz tone with over 4x the gain of the original Hoof.  Earthquaker devices also replaced key resistors with NOS Carbon Comp components to sprinkle a little bit of vintage flavor into the Cloven Hoof’s searing fuzz fury. The “Tone” and “Shift” controls have been  re-voiced for a smoother sweep, and more precise control over the Cloven Hoof’s beefy low-end. If you haven't tried the Cloven Hoof on bass do your self a favor and plug this into a bass. You need to hear the tone this awesome Cloven Hoof makes when adding the low end of a bass. Hade made in the USA in Akron, Ohio.