Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander Analog Octave Synth Pedal

Earthquaker Devices

The Bit Commander, made in Akron, Ohio by Earthquaker Devices, produces some amazing tones. Its simple design features a master volume and controls over a wide range of levels adding sometimes awesome, sometimes not so awesome tones based on the octaves your dialing in. It is recommended to use the neck pickup from the 7th fret up and to play single notes for the best results but experimenting with this unique sounding Bit Commander can produce some unexpected results you just might like. The sub knob allows to control two octaves down level, the down 1 knob allows control of one octave down level, the Up 1 knob allos control of one octave level up, the Filter knob can dial in the highs(clockwise) and warmth(counter-clockwise) , and the Base knob is a squared input signal level. Includes the original box and carry bag.


Type: pedal

Vendor: Earthquaker Devices

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