D'Angelico Left Handed EXL-1 Electric Guitar- Iced Tea Burst


The left handed D'Angelico EXL-1 pays homage to the legendary original archtop design made famous by John D’Angelico’s original archtop design but apples some new modern upgrades.  For starters, the lefty Excel EXL-1 is outfitted with a USA-made Seymour Duncan Johnny Smith Floating Mini-Humbucker that maximizes the tone you can get out of this awesome lh D'Angelico. The lh Excel EXL-1 has a 17-inch-wide, 3-inch-deep body, a scroll-style neck bevel, mother-of-pearl inlays on an ebony bridge, a beautiful Iced Tea Burst Finish, and split-block inlays on a pau ferro fingerboard, which when combined give it that classic Art-Deco look D'Angelico is known and loved for. Includes a case.


Type: Electric Guitar

Vendor: D'Angelico

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