D'Angelico DAJ1047 ElectroZinc 10-47 Gauge Electric String


The D'Anglico DAJ1047 Jazz Set features a wound third G string and the following gauges: 10-14-23(wound)-30-39-47 gauges The .10 gauge DAJ1047 are designed for exceptional Jazz tone and comfort

Two of the New Yorks finest music Brands have collaborated together to bring you the new D'Angelico ElectroZinc Electric String. By 1938. John D’Angelico was already renowned for his signature archtop guitars, while John D’Addario was a young kid trying to expand the family string business. Their chance meeting would result in the invention of the world’s first modern round wound electric guitar string, the zinc-coated Bethanized™ Steel. Its sound was unrivaled in fullness, volume, and balanced brightness. Its tone would be featured on some of the greatest records of all time. But the closing of the Bethlehem Steel plant in the ‘60s put an abrupt end to its production, leaving its sound unmatched for over half a century. Today, their legendary invention returns in the form of Electrozinc.

Combining modern innovation with John D’Addario’s original designs, D’Angelico’s Electrozinc string is the truest tribute to Bethanized™ Steel since the original. Designed to produce exceptional fullness and volume, Electrozinc provide modern players the original And D’Addario’s EXP technology coats every string to maintain its classic tone even longer. It’s another legendary string, inspired by the one that started it all.


Vendor: D'Angelico