Blackstar Unity U500 Unity Series 500w Bass Combo Amp

Tonal Flexibility and Power Make This Amp a Complete Solution for Bassists of Any Musical Genre

In stock now. The Blackstar unity U500 Unity Series 500W bass combo amp was designed to deliver complete tonal flexibility.  With two built-in 10“ Eminence Opus speakers and response control which gives you a choice of three classic power amp stages, Linear, 6L6, and 6550, the Blackstar U500 delivers three distinct preamp voicings -- classic, modern and flat.

The drive section consists of three classic and modern overdrives which you can blend to create your own distinct tones, including OD, Distortion and Fuzz, while the 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mid knob gives you plenty of sound-sculpting power. Effects including compression, chorus, and sub-octave increases your punch, depth, and low-end muscle while a series effects loop allows you to integrate your pedalboard and external processors into the mix.

In terms of connectivity and high-tech features, the U500 does not disappoint. Featuring a XLR + 1/4" line output, a headphones output with independent level control, a cabinet-emulated line output and USB audio output, and a MP3/line input for supercharging your practice sessions, the Blackstar Unity 500 delivers the optimal connectivity necessary to make it perfect for rehearsal, recording and performance.

Features and Specs:

  • 500 Watts
  • Custom designed Eminence 2 x 10" Opus Speakers
  • 3 Voices – Classic, Modern, Flat
  • 3 Footswitchable Drives with user controllable blend – Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz
  • 3-band EQ with semi-parametric Mid
  • Unique Response control – Linear, 6L6 and 6550
  • Footswitchable Chorus and Sub-Octave with adjustable level control
  • Compressor
  • Input Gain with clip indication
  • Pad Switch for active / passive instruments
  • Master Volume
  • Link to Unity Bass Series Active Cabinet
  • USB audio out for direct recording
  • Series effects loop
  • MP3 / Line in n XLR + ¼” Line Out / Headphones with independent level control
  • D.I. / cabinet emulated Line outputs

The ‘New Face of Bass’ Delivers Enough Tonal Versatility to Delight Any Modern Bass Player

With the Unity series, Blackstar has really put their best foot forward as they have entered the world of bass guitar amps. The Blackstar Unity Series U500 is packed with power and toneful features, as well as a host of high tech inputs and outputs for optimal connectivity. Delivering 500 watts of solid state power with unique response controls, footswitchable effects and three distinct drives, you can count on the Blackstar Unity U500 to make rehearsals, performances and recording sessions a breeze.