Blackbird Pedal Boards 1224HC-F Faun Tolex Pedal Board with ATA Case

Blackbird pedal boards

The Blackbird 1224HCpedalboard sports 2 black solderless 1/4″ jacks. The solderless 1/4″ jacks provide an easy access point to the board’s input and output, making setup and breakdown quick and easy. This awesome Blackbird pedalboard can hold up to 12 standard sized effects pedals. If you want to power the board you can Add one of blackbirds optional AC Inlets and replace the side grommet for easy power access to your mounted power supply.

This model includes a matching ATA case that is perfect for life on the go. It is made of 3/8″ thick plywood with a completely foam lined interior to make sure the pedalboard will arrive safe and sound no matter how it get shipped. Available in Black, Orange, and Tweed.

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