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Used Custom Built TW Francesca Clone Guitar Head

Custom Built

This used TW Francesca Clone Guitar Head was custom built to the exact specifications of the TW Francesca amp complete with Pacific replica transformers, RJ Premium kit and has controls set up in the Liverpool/Express design with a brightness switch to add clarity and sparkle and jangly highs to your tone and the famous five-knob design (Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence) that TW amps made famous. This amp is extremely responsive and incredibly powerful and features an exotic wood cabinet made by Larry Mann. If you are a lover of great guitar tone, this amp is sure to satisfy. 



  • BRIGHT SWITCH: Adds varying degrees of high end to sound. "Off" in Center Position. "Adds Clarity" in top position and adds "Jangly Highs" in bottom position.
  • VOLUME CONTROL: Controls overall volume/gain
  • TREBLE CONTROL: Controls treble frequencies
  • MID CONTROL: Controls midrange frequencies
  • BASS CONTROL: Controls bass frequencies
  • PRESENCE CONTROL: Adds high frequencies in output stage. (Hearing a "scratchy" sound while turning this control is normal.)


This TW Francesca Clone Amp Combines Incredible Power With Amazing Tone, Perfect for Stage and Recording

We tested this amp out in our showroom and we were blown away.  At low volume (if you can call it low) the tone is clean and extremely robust. At higher volume (5 and above) the overdrive really kicks in and you get those screaming lead tones and fat, crunchy rhythm tones. This used TW Francesca Clone amp delivers incredible power and amazing tone, perfect for performing musicians.

Type: amp

Vendor: Custom Built

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