Rainsong H-OM1000N2 Hybrid Series Acoustic Electric Orchestra Body Guitar


Warm Tone, Clarity, and an Impressive Dynamic Range in a Road-Tough Carbon Fiber/Glass Body that is Impervious to Environmental Damage

This RainSong Orchestra Model (OM) acoustic electric combines a slim, single-cutaway carbon fiber and glass body of the Hybrid Series with the responsive unidirectional carbon soundboard of the Concert Series to create an acoustic-electric with a warm tone and surprising projecting power. The orchestra model is RainSong’s most refined body shape, offering a deep single cutaway that allows access to the entire range of the composite fretboard’s 21 frets. The electronics include a Fishman Prefix sidemounted pickup with onboard preamp, equipped with a chromatic tuner that can be used without plugging-in. 

The 21-fret N2 neck is the result of a collaboration between legendary guitarist Steve Miller and renown luthier John Bolin and is the same neck they developed for the legendary Dreadnought model. Made using a combination carbon fiber/graphite and composite materials fabricated in a single piece, the N2 neck features the popular U-profile that has been industry standard since the 1950‘s. Though it comes with an adjustable truss rod, the carbon fiber neck is guaranteed to never warp or bow due to environmental factors, giving the neck low action and perfect intonation without any fret buzz.

Rainsong H-OM1000N2 Hybrid specifications:

  • Orchestra Model (OM) Carbon Fiber/Glass Body 
  • All-Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Soundboard Crafted Using a Projection Tuned Layering Technique
  • Stunning High-Gloss Finish
  • Short Scale 21-fret Carbon Fiber Neck With Composite Fingerboard
  • Adjustable Truss Rod
  • Gotoh Tuners with 1:18 Gear Ratio
  • Sidemounted preamp with onboard tuner


Who Should Buy This Guitar?

The RainSong Hybrid OM1000N2 is the ideal acoustic-electric for touring musicians playing in intimate settings that force them to deal with a wide range of environmental factors. The slim, contoured carbon fiber/glass body is extremely light weight and ultra durable, able to withstand environmental extremes in temperature and humidity that would render inferior guitars unplayable. Offering a warm tone and impressive dynamic range, at $1,899 the RainSong OM1000N2 is built to look and play like new for decades.

Type: Acoustic Guitar

Vendor: RainSong

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