Hybrid Series

Rainsong Concert Hybrid CH-PA11NS Parlor Acoustic Guitar


This Parlor Acoustic is Built to Outperform Guitars With Much Larger Bodies and Price Tags!

The RainSong CH-PA1100NS features a light-weight, parlor size carbon fiber and glass body perfect for fingerstyle guitarists who are looking for an acoustic guitar with projection volume and clarity. The unidirectional carbon soundboard with stunning high-gloss finish provides the projecting power of a wider bodied guitar in a compact and lightweight package that is impervious to damage from extreme temperatures and environmental conditions such as humidity.

Contoured with a deep single cutaway, the CH-PA1100NS offers superior access to the higher register, making it ideal for acoustic lead playing. The thin, small scale, specially fabricated 12-fret carbon fiber neck features a composite fingerboard offering incredibly low action with impeccable intonation and no fret buzz. Fabricated in a single piece using RainSong’s patented Performance Shape Casting Technique, the neck of this finely-crafted parlor acoustic will never warp or show signs of environmental damage.

Rainsong Concert Hybrid CH-PA1100NS Parlor Acoustic Guitar Specifications:

  • Carbon/Glass hybrid body. No body braces.
  • All-Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Carbon soundboard crafted using Projection Tuned Layering technique.
  • UV protective, clear urethane finish, High-gloss on soundboard, satin on back/sides/neck.
  • Black Gotoh Tuners with 1:18 gear ratio.
  • 12-fret all-Carbon Single Piece Fiber neck and composite fingerboard fabricated using RainSong’s Performance Shape Casting Technique.
  • Adjustable Truss Rod Allows Each Player to Customize the Neck to Their Personal Preferences.

Serious Acoustic Guitar for Country and Blues Performers

Because of its small size, and impressive projecting ability, the RainSong Concert Hybrid CH-PA1100NS is the perfect guitar for fingerstyle country and blues players who are trying to ring through the mix in intimate performance settings and ensemble performances. The unidirectional carbon fiber soundboard and mellow carbon fiber/glass body, provide a warm and responsive tone that projects with surprising volume and clarity. The short scale 12-fret carbon fiber neck with composite fingerboard offers exceptional comfort and playability that will never warp due to environmental conditions such as heat and humidity. At $1,299, this lightweight parlor acoustic will serve any performing guitarist or serious musician for decades to come!

Type: Acoustic Guitar

Vendor: RainSong

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