Lace Left Handed Huntington Electric Guitar- Trans Amber

The Left-Handed Lace Huntington Guitar is a quality guitar with the same great sound and vibe of all Lace Music Products.

The Left-Handed Lace Huntington Guitar comes with see-thru finished Alder bodies, Rockin'“Powered by Lace” humbucker at the Bridge , and 2 Lace Single Coil Pickups in the Middle and Neck positions. Very light and easy to play for hours.

For a lefty player looking to get into music, it can be tough trying to find a great guitar at a price that doesn't scare you out of the market.  The left-handed Lace Huntington Electric Guitar is an incredible option to solve that problem.  With a sound that surpasses its cost and a look that may turn a few heads, this is an electric guitar that will take you to the next level.  Oh... and by the way... did we mention it's a left-handed guitar?!?!  

If you're looking to try out and see if electric guitars are for you, consider this Lace electric guitar.  As always, give us a call or shoot us a note if you have any questions.