VOX Adio Air GT Bluetooth Guitar Amp

Taking Classic Tube Sound into the 21st Century With a Lightweight, Portable and Feature Rich Multipurpose Amplifier

The VOX Adio Air GT is a new style amp that features VOX's traditional diamond grille in a great sounding compact, portable package. Rich sound is delivered by a 50W power amp and two 3” stereo speakers and realistic amp models powered by VOX’s proprietary VET modeling technology. The Adio includes free Tone Room software that lets your Adio evolve as freely as your inspiration.

With the Bluetooth-equipped Adio Air, all controls can be performed wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can edit amp parameters and enjoy extremely high-quality audio streaming from anywhere.

It's a multi-purpose guitar amp and audio speaker that’s equally at home in your living room, on stage, or on the go.

Realistic amp modeling and built-in effects allow you to dial up hundreds of combinations of authentic classic and super modern amplifier sounds including a 1970‘s British Stack sound, and a classic Vox AC30 sound. Add chorus, phaser, reverb, delay and reverb -- just about anything you can imagine in a portable package!


  • Powerful 50W high-output amp.
  • 2 x 3” speakers for true stereo sound.
  • Proprietary chassis design ensures powerful and clear sound.
  • Sophisticated slant-body design.
  • Eight hours of continuous operation using eight AA batteries.
  • Lightweight design of only 2.9 kg / 6.39 lb.
  • VOX's proprietary VET modeling technology perfectly reproduces the response of each amp.
  • A wide range of up to 17 different realistic amp models
  • Up to 19 types of high-quality effects.
  • Tone Room software takes full advantage of the Adio's capabilities.
  • Bluetooth MIDI support allows parameters to be controlled wirelessly.

Additional Features:

  • Delivers excellent, room-filling sound when used as an audio playback device.
  • Bluetooth audio support lets you wirelessly stream your favorite songs.
  • AUX input jack allows convenient jam sessions.
  • Acoustage function generates a virtual “surround-sound” effect.
  • Audio equalizer equipped with a bassilator circuit that generates a rich low-frequency range.
  • Noise reduction when using high-gain sounds.
  • Auto tuner that also supports dropped tunings.
  • USB interface that lets you switch between three different routings.
  • Bundled with JamVOX III.


The Ultimate Practice, Recording, and Performing Solution for the Modern Guitarist

The VOX Adio Air GT is a multi-purpose guitar amp and audio speaker that’s equally at home in your living room, on stage, or on the go.This powerful 50W high output guitar amplifier offers a clear, powerful stereo sound from its 2 X 3“ Vox speakers. Featuring bluetooth connectivity, this startling guitar amp can also be used to stream music, allowing you to play along with backing tracks or your favorite songs. USB interface allows you to connect to your tablet, laptop or desktop computer to record and playback your performances. Whether you are looking for a great sounding recording amp, a lightweight practice amp, or a portable and powerful performance amp, the VOX Adio Air GT Bluetooth Guitar Amp has you covered.