Levys M29 Ergonomic Bass Strap - Brown

Levy M29 Ergonomic Bass Guitar Strap

Levy’s new ergonomic guitar strap is the creation of Duane Greene of G.C. Basses & Design Ltd. This 1 1/2” leather strap with 5” wide contoured, moveable, foam-lined pad was designed specifically for the bass guitar player. It features a hook-and-loop adjustment which can shorten the strap to as tight as 37”.

Read a customer "Review" courtesy of real bass player

By Greg Olwell | May 2007

Pain. Who needs it? Whether it’s sneakers or a bass you’re wearing, good support and fit are key to a comfortable, pain-free existence. With plenty of width and a large, contoured pad, the new Levy’s Leathers Ergonomic strap was designed to make playing as ache-less as possible.

It’s made from two layers of soft, supple leather and white stitching that look and feel sumptuous. Its 5"-wide foam-filled leather pad, shaped to match a player’s shoulder contours, is comfortable indeed. It wrapped over my shoulder and around the base of my neck, for a snug, almost tailored feel. Normally, with a more typical strap, I’m hoping for frequent breaks—but I used the Ergo comfortably for half of a marathon four-hour rehearsal before I began to notice my bass’s heft. One catch: The pad’s luxuriously napped suede underside stuck to my shirt, making it difficult to adjust the instrument’s position without moving the pad from its ideal spot. A pad that moves more easily along the strap would help alleviate this problem. I could quickly adjust the Levy’s length thanks to a Velcro strip and metal clip. The strap isn’t nearly long enough for low-slung Dee Dee Ramone-style playing, but if you’re interested in comfort, you’re probably not living like Dee Dee, either.