Righton! Special Collection 035 Brown Gilmour Guitar Strap


Classic Hendrix-Inspired Guitar Strap Handmade for Comfort and Durability

The RightOn! Gilmour 035 Brown guitar strap was inspired by the classic guitar strap that David Gilmour of Pink Floyd wears on his strat to this day. The chocolate brown strap with iconic criss-cross design once belonged to Jimi Hendrix and was a gift to Gilmour from his wife in 2006. Since that day it has not left his Black Stratocaster and can be seen clearly every time Gilmour performs. With the Special Collection 035 Brown Gilmour Guitar strap RightOn! pays tribute to the enduring legacy of two brilliant artists with a high quality leather guitar strap made by hand to last just like their music.

The RightOn! Special Collection Gilmour strap is 2.3 inches (6cm) wide and is adjustable in length from 38.58" (98 cm) - 57.08" (145 cm) with RightOns! RAS adjustment system, making it perfect for Gilmour fans of just about any age or size. This brown leather strap with iconic criss-cross design is extremely comfortable and made to last, with pick holders in both ends so you will never be caught on a gig without a pick handy. 

Features and Specs:

  • Width: 2.3" (6 cm)
  • Adjustable Length: 38.58" (98 cm) - 57.08" (145 cm)
  • Material: Leather
  • Pick Dispensers at Each End
  • Color: Brown

Iconic Hendrix Inspired Guitar Strap Built for Comfort and Durability

RightOn! Special Collection straps were designed to offer something exceptional that goes beyond expectations. The RightOn! Gilmour Strap is the first in their ‘Inspired by the Stars’ series of guitar straps and is designed to capture the look and feel of Gilmour’s iconic Hendrix guitar strap down to the most subtle nuance. Made with genuine leather with RightOn’s proprietary RAS adjustment system, the RightOn! 035 Brown Gilmour strap is as functional as it is beautiful -- made by hand to last! 

Type: Strap

Vendor: RightOn!

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