Coming Soon - The Jared Dines Artist Series Stingray Guitar from Sterling by Music Man

April 30, 2020 3 min read

Coming Soon - The Jared Dines Artist Series Stingray Guitar from Sterling by Music Man

Who is the first Youtuber featured on the cover of Guitar World Magazine? His name is Jared Dines and if you are a Youtube aficionado you are likely to have watched him hundreds of times. If you haven’t, give his funny, informative and irreverent Youtube channel a try!

With the way the COVID 19 situation is transforming the world of performing music, Youtubers like Jared Dines may end up being important figures in the future of guitar music.Jared Dines is one of the most famous guitar Youtube personalities on the planet, and now he is the first Youtube guitarist to have a signature artist model built for him. The Jared Dines Artist Model from Sterling by Music Man is a premium shred axe built to Dines’ specifications, and like the Jason Richardson Cutlass also introduced in 2020 as well, it delivers a variety of appointments never before seen in a StingRay model.

NAMM Announcement

The Dines StingRay is a thing of beauty! Featuring a resonant Mahogany body with a hard Maple neck, the Dines StingRay has a 25.5“ scale length with a 24 fret hard maple fingerboard. The satin finish on the hard maple neck and board give it a light and easy feel, making it great for flying all over the neck. With a 12“ fretboard radius, and a sculpted 5-bolt neck joint, you’ll enjoy easy, unfettered access to the entire 24 frets. 

One Knob to Rule Them All!

The first thing that jumps out to you when you see the Dines StingRay is its shiny gold bling! The Dines artist model sports a black gloss finish with all gold hardware that really stands out beautifully, both on camera and in person. With gold covered pickups, knobs and switching, this StingRay is sure to turn heads, and with a gold Sterling by Music Man vintage tremolo system with locking tuners, you’ll enjoy excellent tuning stability while you tear it up onstage, or while streaming live online. 

The Dines StingRay also features unique electronics that have never graced a StingRay before, including smoking hot gold covered humbucker pickups with a traditional StingRay tone that has been Hot-Rodded for metal, a unique dual Volume/Tone control knob (one knob to rule them all!) and a kill switch to produce unique playing effects made famous by guitarists like BucketHead and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine). 

Guitar World Interview

This unique set of stock appointments gives the Jared Dines Artist Series StingRay a versatility and playability that are virtually unrivaled. Outfitted with specs that would make metal, shred, progressive instrumental and alternative players drool, the Jared Dines Artist Series StingRay lends itself to just about any musical style, delivering everything the modern guitarist is looking for in a beautiful black-gold package that is sure to catch the eye of your live (or online) audience.

Guitar World Demo

When Can I Get This?

While the Richardson Cutlass and the new 2020 Majesty and JP models have arrived with great fanfare, the Dines StingRay has flown in under the radar in 2020, perhaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. As of now, we know only that this gorgeous guitar will be available soon, but we are yet to get pricing information or a firm date when it will be available. Anyway, from the demo video above and the spec list, it looks like a guitar that a lot of people will love! If you’re interested be sure to watch our website for more news of its arrival orcontact us and we'll keep you posted! 

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